Admission requirements

Requirements and knowledge required for access
The curricular prerequisites to access the Master's Degree Course in Industrial Chemistry are those peculiar of the L-27 class of degree courses (DM 270/04), and in particular:
- at least 20 credits in disciplines of mathematics, information technology and physics;
- at least 70 CFU in discipline groups belonging to the distinguishing areas included in the L-27 Class Table (Analytical and Environmental chemistry - CHIM/01 and CHIM/12; Inorganic and Physical chemistry - CHIM/03 and CHIM/02; Industrial chemistry and engineering - CHIM/04, CHIM/05, ING-IND/21-22, ING-IND/25; Organic chemistry and
Biochemistry CHIM/06- BIO/10-12).
The above credits are fully recognized to graduates of the undergraduate programs of class L-27 of the Università degli Studi di Milano. All other students must demonstrate to have the curricular requirements of the graduates of the class L-27. Different curricular profiles will be evaluated by the Commission for the Access to Industrial Chemistry.
Moreover, also a minimum English language proficiency at level B1within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is required.

The Italian and foreign students with academic qualification awarded in Italy must submit application for admission electronically from 6 March to 25 August, 2023, respecting the instructions indicated in the "student area" of the UNIMI web portal (
Undergraduates who intend to graduate by December 31st, 2023 are also allowed to apply.

Methods for verifying knowledge and personal preparation
The personal skills of each candidate will be ascertained through a Chemistry test and an interview on topics related to the subjects covered in the fundamental courses of the bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry. The interview will be conducted by the Commission for the Access to the Master, composed by teachers appointed by the Teaching Board.
The test to verify the personal skills is selective even in the case the curricular requirements listed above are recognized.

In particular, the Personal Skills will be verified in the following ways:
a) execution of European Chemistry Tests granted by the European Chemistry Thematic Network ( for the assessment of expertise in Chemistry. The test includes questions, in English, with multiple choices, on topics of the five areas of Analytical, Industrial, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. In order to pass the test, students must answer correctly to at least 20% of the questions in each of the five thematic areas. In case of slight insufficiencies (15-19%) the Access Commission reserves the right to summon the candidate in any case to better evaluate his/her preparation;
b) interview with the Access Commission on topics related to fundamental aspects of core disciplines of the degree in Industrial Chemistry. The failure of the interview prevents the access to the MSc in Industrial Chemistry for the current year.

EChemTest will take place in July and September 2023, according to a calendar that will be communicated on the website of the Degree Program ( The test will be delivered remotely. A valid identification document is required to carry out the test. The interview with the Access Commission will be scheduled in the following days (possibly also remotely). A further edition of the EChemTest, for any recovery of insufficiencies will take place in December 2023, with its subsequent interview. It is possible to take only a recovery test, subsequentto the one carried out and in which the failure in one or more parts was found. The test and the interview can also be carried out before graduation, subject to the possession of the curricular requirements indicated above.
For non-EU students, who may have visa and/or residence permit problems, an EChemTest will also be scheduled in May. Furthermore, it will be possible for them to schedule the interview remotely using a videoconferencing platform.
It is recommended to all foreign students to take advantage of this early-bird test in order to avoid problems in obtaining all the documentation useful for the enrolment.


Graduates who have successfully passed the verification tests will be able to enrol after 5 working days from the date of the verification, within the terms indicated on the website…

MOREOVER, proficiency in English at a B1 level or higher, under to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), is required for admission.
The B1-level requirement will be ascertained by the University Language Centre (SLAM) upon admission as follows:
- Language certificate at or above B1, obtained no more than three years earlier. For the list of language certificates recognized by the University please review: The certificate must be uploaded when submitting the online application;
- English level achieved during a University of Milan degree programme and certified by the University Language Centre (SLAM) no more than four years before the date of admission application. In this case the process is automatic, the applicant does not have to attach any certificates to the application;
- Placement test administrated by the University Language Centre (SLAM) according to the calendar published on the website:
All those who fail to submit a valid certificate or do not meet the required proficiency level will be instructed during the admission procedure to take the placement test.
Applicants who do not take or pass the placement test will be required to obtain a language proficiency certificate recognized by the University (see: and deliver it to the SLAM via the InformaStudenti service by the deadline fixed for the master's programme (
Applicants who do not meet the requirement by said deadline will not be admitted to the master's degree programme and may not sit any further tests.
Call and deadlines


Application for admission: from 06/03/2023 to 25/08/2023

Application for matriculation: from 03/04/2023 to 15/01/2024

Attachments and documents

Admission notice

Further information

For students enrolled on bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle degree programmes are divided into two instalments of different amounts and with different payment deadlines:

  • the first, corresponding to the minimum amount, is the same for all students 
  • the second - technically referred to as an ‘all-inclusive fee’-  that is variable.

The University provides:

  • no tax area for students on track with exams and not on track with exams for one year with ISEE certification until 20.000 €.
  • Fees exemption on account of merit, income or disability, or if they meet other specific requirements;
  • Concessions for students meeting high merit requirements;
  • Diversified tuition fees according to the student's home country for international students with assets/income abroad;
Scholarships and benefits

The University also provides:

  • Part-time study 
  • Financial aid, refectory service, accommodation,
  • Awards and scholarships