Stage and Internship

Master's degree programmes in Chemistry - Internships

Internships can be carried out:

  • at one of the Department laboratories (internal internship), under the supervision of the professor in charge of the laboratory, 
  • at a company (external internship). In this case too, the student will be the supervised  by a teacher of the Department of Chemistry (internal tutor, or supervisor), who will be supported by a company tutor.

Once the internship has been completed, the end-of-internship report signed by the supervisor(s) must be delivered to the Course Administration of the Chemistry Department. Moreover, the student will be interviewed by an Academic Board commission, which will assess the results of the internship activity. This evaluation will count towards the graduation mark.

External internships are managed by the University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP).

Any students interested in an external internship must follow the instructions for activating a curricular internship through the links on this page.

Once the company has confirmed its availability, and before starting the internship, the student must obtain the approval of the Departmental Internship and Dissertation Board.

To this end, they will complete and submit  the internship application form to the Course Administration, together with a short company report (at least one page) describing the work to be carried out and stating the proposed external supervisor (the company tutor) and the internship period.
After identifying the internal supervisor among the teachers of the Chemistry Department based on their scientific competencies, the Internship and Dissertation Board evaluates the proposed internship subject and submits it to the Academic Board for approval.

Following the Board's approval, the student will contact their internal supervisor for relevant communications.

To carry out an internal internship, the student must secure the availability of the chosen teacher.

The Internship and Dissertation Board provides internship guidance, highlighting research topics proposed within the department.

In addition, the Internship and Dissertation Board takes care of publishing internship and dissertation topics on the department's website, with regular updates at the beginning of each academic year. After confirming the teacher's availability, the student will deliver the internship application form to the Course Administration.

Students participating in the Erasmus+ programme can do their internship abroad.

In this case, the student need not acquire 126 credits before departure, but can acquire them abroad.

The procedures are presented every year with the Erasmus calls for applications; for more information, please contact the Erasmus Committee:

  • Prof. Emma Gallo (Chair),
  • Mariangela Longhi,
  • Amedea Manfredi. 
Informazioni generali stage COSP

Lo stage (o tirocinio) è un’esperienza formativa di cui esistono diverse tipologie:

  • uno studente può svolgere stage/tirocini curricolari
  • chi ha concluso un percorso di studio da non più di 12 mesi, può svolgere stage/tirocini extracurricolari.

Il Cosp gestisce le procedure per l’attivazione di tirocini presso Enti e Imprese pubbliche e private per gli studenti iscritti, i laureati e i diplomati post laurea presso in nostro Ateneo.

Come trovare uno stage

E' possibile trovare uno stage  utilizzando la bacheca annunci di lavoro e stage di Ateneo (Cosp).
Se lo studente trova uno stage attraverso altri canali o in autonomia deve comunque seguire le procedure di Ateneo (Cosp).